Specific antibodies against the marker is extracted mostly from the blood of animals that have repeatedly immunized with the target marker.

the use of the invention may help you find damage early enough to be it was a lot less effort to fix the cost of exchanging, for example, one bearing. as a result, not only saves on the new parts of the turbine, but also shortens her stop for a few weeks, and each time the turbine is about profit wheel 1000 zł. For large wind farms, these figures should be multiplied by at least sto.Drugą advantage of the invention is to increase the safety of wind turbines. Sudden damage to the gear unit may cause damage to the entire structure. Thanks to the early detection of damage, it is possible to avoid dangerous accidents like this in Rymanów in recent months, where a fragment of the turbine fell 200 meters from the mast, near the national road No. 28.Potencjał komercjalizacyjnyWynalazek scientists can find practical application in the monitoring of all types of machines with planetary gears . However, the most important feature of the invention is that it enables the evaluation of the technical gear working very slowly varying conditions of service – just like in wind turbines. The invention is a pioneering method in scale światowej.Wynalazek scientists from AGH alive.

He was honored by Entrepreneur AGH Newsletter (December 2012) and Gazeta Krakowska and appreciated by other researchers, who refer to him in his work. In addition, the authors of the invention presented in TVP INFO Magazine Academic (04/06/2013). Important for scientists is the fact that a representative of one of the Leer más